Mumbai Market Has Eye on Hong Kong Show - There are many overseas and domestic buyers in the market and there is a clear demand for goods, but transactions have been slowed considerably due to the differences in asking and offering prices. The 5-7% increase in the price of rough diamonds at the February De Beers Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight is the main factor in sellers’ insistence on higher polished prices.
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Business In The GST Era

This story could be straight out of a moral science textbook. A small girl, of around five years of age, was unwell with a stomach infection. She took her syrup for fever happily as it was sweet. However, she did not quite like the medicine for the stomach infection as it was very bitter. She simply refused to drink it – yelling and weeping non-stop. No amount of cajoling helped. Fed up of the histrionics, the mother roped in the father to convince her, but to no avail. Finally, their collective patience ran out, the father pinned her down and the mother pinched her nose and forced the medicine down her throat. The next dose of medicine did not take that much time and the little girl has since then taken her bitter pill whenever it was required.