Mumbai Market Has Eye on Hong Kong Show - There are many overseas and domestic buyers in the market and there is a clear demand for goods, but transactions have been slowed considerably due to the differences in asking and offering prices. The 5-7% increase in the price of rough diamonds at the February De Beers Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight is the main factor in sellers’ insistence on higher polished prices.
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In Support Of Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Regulation

IRIN’s recent article, Who pays the hidden price for Congo’s conflict-free minerals (read the report in the Solitaire April 2017 issue), offers a compelling story that highlights some real challenges facing many Congolese people today.
Unfortunately, it misses the broader importance and impact of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank law: supply chain transparency for the minerals trade, and the breaking of the links between minerals and deadly armed groups in eastern Congo.
Dodd-Frank 1502 is a hard-won demonstration of the United States’ support for corporate transparency in environments where opacity and the lack of rule of law have cost lives and spurred brutality.
The article focuses on Kisengo, a different region of Congo than the area that led the US Congress to pass Dodd- Frank 1502. The Kivu provinces, where the deadliest war since World War II has brutalised communities, is home to the bulk of tin, tantalum, tungsten mining in Congo, and has major gold deposits also.