Mumbai Market Has Eye on Hong Kong Show - There are many overseas and domestic buyers in the market and there is a clear demand for goods, but transactions have been slowed considerably due to the differences in asking and offering prices. The 5-7% increase in the price of rough diamonds at the February De Beers Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight is the main factor in sellers’ insistence on higher polished prices.
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Jean-Marc Lieberherr: Trucost Affirms Diamond Mining’s Positive Impact

JEAN-MARC LIEBERHERR, CEO, Diamond Producers Association (DPA), in an exclusive email interview with REGAN LUIS, shares his insights on the recently published report by Trucost, the research arm of Standard & Poor’s. For the first time ever, this independent study quantifies the diamond industry’s socio-economic benefits at $16 billion, and reveals that the CO2 emissions of earth-mined diamonds are three times lesser than that of the laboratory-grown diamond industry.