Mumbai Market Has Eye on Hong Kong Show - There are many overseas and domestic buyers in the market and there is a clear demand for goods, but transactions have been slowed considerably due to the differences in asking and offering prices. The 5-7% increase in the price of rough diamonds at the February De Beers Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight is the main factor in sellers’ insistence on higher polished prices.
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International Emerald Exchange’s Green Revolution

Having identified a gap in the industry for a dealer operating at source with involvement in every aspect of the supply chain, from the mines of origin through to the delivery to the end client, George Smith channelled his acumen to set up a viable business in the gem industry. He established his company, International Emerald Exchange (IEEX), in 2013, to cater to the increasing global demand for ‘investmentgrade’ Colombian emeralds. Today, IEEX supplies and cuts gems to order.
Their true skill, however, lies in procuring exclusive stones.
Since then, the business has grown largely through word-of-mouth and social media. A case in point is jeweller Michael Young, who discovered IEEX on Instagram.