Mumbai Market Has Eye on Hong Kong Show - There are many overseas and domestic buyers in the market and there is a clear demand for goods, but transactions have been slowed considerably due to the differences in asking and offering prices. The 5-7% increase in the price of rough diamonds at the February De Beers Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sight is the main factor in sellers’ insistence on higher polished prices.
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Asterism - Gems With A Star

To say that this extremely impressive oeuvre has been a labour of love would be a great understatement; it is more a life’s work. Taking nearly 30 years to complete, Asterism brings together, in one important and very weighty volume (literally, at 4.1 kg and nearly 900 pages), all the glowing aspects of these remarkable gemstones, including hundreds of dazzling photos and illustrations.
“In the beginning, the plan was to write a book simply about asterism,” confides Steinbach. “During the many years of the writing process, however, the book grew to include more information on the provenance of these gems in addition to their scientific and gemmological properties. And, we added more of the world’s most important gems and their major mining areas as well as lots of interesting stories about these mythical jewels.”
Steinbach’s love affair with gems in general, and star gems in particular, dates back to 1982 when he travelled to Bangkok and took a gemmology course at the world renowned Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS). After graduation, he returned to his home country of Germany and moved to Idar-Oberstein, the gem capital of the nation. Over the years, Steinbach travelled to more than 40 countries, buying, selling and collecting gems.